Was your child taken away on false abuse allegations?

North Augusta Center For Family Law, LLC works with the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS) on child abuse and neglect cases. As your attorney, Ms. Chambley will take on any case, including interventions for grandmothers. You can report a case from your home, school or doctor’s office. Trust us to use every legal means available to put your child in a safe, healthy environment. 

Contact us immediately to discuss your case with our DSS defense lawyer in North Augusta, South Carolina.

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Call North Augusta Center For Family Law right away. We’ll discuss your situation and provide a solid defense in your favor. You may be entitled to a lawyer through the state, but attorney Cathi Chambley can act as a private attorney if needed. We’ll work with the DSS to confirm whether you were falsely accused. We’ll then plan a solid strategy to help reunite you with your child. 

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